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Plans underway to transform Huntridge Circle Park into art exhibit

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From violent crime to petty thefts, the Huntridge Circle Park has seen its fair share of problems.

The people who are most excited for change are those who live nearby. The developers behind the historic Huntridge Theater want to bring the Huntridge Circle Park back to life. But they have eleven months left to get it right. 

“It has such great potential,” said Jon Curren, vice president of development at Dapper Companies. “Nearly 3 acres, it’s right in the middle of the Huntridge neighborhood.”

Over the years, the park became well-known for drug users, as well as the homeless. Kathleen Karh Desposito, who lives nearby, has seen the ups and the downs for some 30 years. 

“We’ve enjoyed the park for many, many years up until a
couple of years ago,” Karh Desposito said.  “It was
not a park that was usable for the neighborhood.”... Read More

Elizabeth Warren talks housing proposal during community summit in North Las Vegas

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Democratic presidential candidates have been all over Southern Nevada for the last few days. This morning, Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the “West Side Pride” black community summit in North Las Vegas, hosted by Nevada Partners.

Warren spoke about her housing proposal, which includes a $500 billion federal investment that she says would build more than 3 million new housing units.

“That’s housing units in cities, that’s housing units in small towns, it’s housing units in rural areas. And, it’s housing for working families, for the working poor, for the poor poor, for the homeless, housing for seniors who want to age in place, housing for people with disabilities, housing for people who are returning from incarceration and need a place to live,” Warren stated.

Warren says she would pay for that by lowering the estate tax threshold from $22 million to $7 million... Read More

Still cooking up Thanksgiving dinner ideas? Taco Bell has you covered

(CNN) — Are you looking for a way to spice up Thanksgiving dinner? Look no further; Taco Bell has just the thing.

The company wants you to take its tacos, stick them in a blender and serve them as bisque this Thanksgiving. Think we’re kidding? We’re perfectly serious.

The food chain released a recipe for the concoction on its blog. The first step is to hit up Taco Bell for the rolled chicken taco party pack, featuring six rolled chicken tacos and six crunchy tacos. But, that’s not all you’ll need. Additional ingredients include garlic, onion, broth, heavy whipping cream and cilantro.

Taco Bell recommends using a cast iron stockpot to pull it all together. ... Read More

CSN celebrates International Education Week with series of events

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CSN is celebrating International Education Week with a series of events, from lectures to exhibits. Events will be held at all three of the college’s campuses.

A week-long exhibit at the Cheyenne campus details the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Educational materials donated by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan will be on display. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Guests are also invited to help fold 1,000 origami cranes, which Japanese legend says, grant a wish. The folded creations will be sent back to Japan with a wish for world peace.

The signature event, Global Ambassador Day, will be held on the Charleston campus on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Students set up booths that reflect their national identity and cultural heritage, teaching people about where they come from. ... Read More

Local woman speaks out after husband’s ashes stolen during break in

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Last Tuesday, a woman’s home was broken into, and there’s one very important item she wants back: her husband’s ashes.

The back of Donna’s home near Eastern and Flamingo was left in shambles after the break in. She says the thieves stole items that included her mother-in-law’s heirloom jewelry and the one item she needs most.

“I have to push myself every day to get up and be happy for this little girl because she’s what’s left of him,” said Donna. “It’s very difficult. I mean it’s … very, very difficult. It’s like losing him all over again.”

If you have any information on this case, please contact Metro at 702-828-3111. ... Read More

Police activity reported near the Strip; apartments evacuated

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Police activity has been reported on the 400 block of E. Twain Ave. near the Las Vegas Strip.

Officers responded to calls that a woman was inside an apartment acting erratic and brandishing a large kitchen knife. Police set up containment and evacuated nearby apartments.

The scene is dynamic. Avoid the area.

This is a developing situation. Please check back for updates. ... Read More

BUDDING WEDDING TREND: Couples starting to hire budtenders to serve marijuana to guests

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As cannabis becomes legal in more states, a new type of wedding is budding. Some couples are deciding to trade the traditional toast for a wedding toke. 

Take high school sweethearts Mike Whittaker, and Jordan Mackenzie. The couple is planning a high note for their wedding day.

“Picture, an open bar theme – with cannabis,” Whittaker said.

In addition to a bartender, they’re hiring a “budtender” to serve marijuana to their guests. Reporter Johny Fernandez has more on this growing trend... Read More