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Police search for 3 men accused in downtown Las Vegas fire

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Las Vegas Metro Police are asking for the public's help in identifying three men accused of setting a fire in downtown Las Vegas.

  • LVMPD searches for 3 men accused in arson fire (LVMPD)
  • LVMPD searches for 3 men accused in arson fire (LVMPD)
  • LVMPD searches for 3 men accused in arson fire (LVMPD)

Police say the incident took place on March 26 and released photos of the men on Friday. ... Read More

Zzyzx Road: The most eye-grabbing, mysterious road sign on I-15

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif. (KLAS) -- About an hour and a half drive from Las Vegas, stretching 4.5 miles into the Mojave Desert from Interstate 15 (I-15), might be one of the best-known mystery roads in the west. Many who have traveled on I-15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles have seen the signs with the eye-grabbing spelling of Zzyzx Road (pronounced Zye-Zix). However, not many know why it's called this and what's at the end of this road.

San Bernardino, Zzyzx, California, USA - On the long road to death valley, the intersection with Zzyzx road.

Zzyzx Road was named for the unincorporated community at the end of the road, also called Zzyzx, and was formerly known as Soda Springs. The highway and community are on federal land and are part of the Mojave National Preserve, managed by the National Park Service (NPS)... Read More

3-count indictment filed against homicide suspects in downtown Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A three-count indictment filed on Friday, May 13, accuses Donald Green and Erica Stacy in the death of Brian Ramey, a Las Vegas man in downtown Las Vegas on Feb. 28.

The charges include conspiracy to commit murder, murder with the use of a deadly weapon, and robbery with the use of a deadly weapon.

Police describe Green as the man suspected of shooting Ramey in the back multiple times as he tried to run away near Bonanza Road and 1st Street on Feb. 28.

The indictment states that Green and Stacy committed the crimes willfully, and deliberately and that the killing was premeditated.

Stacy is described by police as Ramey's girlfriend but had also been meeting with Green at a friend's home "behind Ramey's back," according to a police interview. ... Read More

Blood Moon: How to best photograph Sunday's lunar eclipse

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- People in the Las Vegas valley will see the full moon turn blood red (or burnt red) Sunday night as the earth transits between the moon and the sun. And if luck is on your side, there will not be any clouds covering this celestial sight.

It's one thing to see it in person, and it's another to be able to take a good photo of it happening.


If you are a spectator in Pacific Standard Time, the eclipse will begin at 8:29 p.m. and continue until 9:53. It is recommended you find a place to see the horizon in the eastern sky where the moon will rise... Read More

Trustee Ford to discuss removing Superintendent Jara from CCSD

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- In an interview with 8 News Now, Trustee Danielle Ford said that getting rid of the Clark County School District superintendent will be her first priority.

Ford is one of thee board trustees up for re-election.

She said she blames superintendent Jesus Jara's management style for the loss of teachers and staff and said that is why she voted to fire him last year.

"They saw for a fleeting moment an opportunity to get new leadership that would be more heart-centered, caring, and collaborative," she said. "That would be one of my number one things, getting a new superintendent."

You can watch Ford discuss Jara and the internal arguments on the split CCSD board Saturday night at 11:35 p.m. on Politics Now... Read More

Las Vegas man accused in pepper spray attacks on women in L.A. area

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A Las Vegas man is wanted in connection with incidents he recorded on video outside bars in California as he pepper-sprays women who turn down his sexual advances, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

Johnny Young, 25, faces assault charges in Costa Mesa, and police there have issued a statement asking for the public's help in finding him. Anyone with information is asked to contact efricke@costamesaca.gov or call 1-714-754-4908... Read More

'He has no conscience,' Witness, best friend of slain Dotty's manager speak out

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A jackpot-winning at a Dotty's Casino went terribly wrong earlier this week, and now an employee of the establishment is dead.

60-year-old Alicia Gibellina was described as strong-willed and kind-hearted by loved ones.

Gibellina, the casino manager, was trying to do the right thing Wednesday night when a thief took off with a customer's purse at the casino. That's when she stepped in, tragically losing her life in the process.

"I saw Alicia, the manager, pursuing after him, and she went around the driver's side door that was open and what looked like recover the purse, and I saw her put up her hands and take a step back," said a witness to the incident. "It wasn't until he was finished reversing and pulling out that I saw her body laying on the ground... Read More