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Bracing for the Storm: Avoiding flash flood danger

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During monsoon season, it only takes one big thunderstorm dropping heavy rain to overwhelm Las Vegas valley roads and fill washes.

Over the years, people have become caught in those high waters and had to call for help. Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue said that most of those situations are avoidable.

SPECIAL SECTION: Prepping for the Monsoon stories

“You just get one big super cell that comes in over the west side of the city and it only covers about 10, 12, 15 blocks, but you can get one to two inches and less than 15 minutes and that is millions and millions of gallons of water,” he said. “It inundates the streets and while you’re sitting there at a traffic light all of a sudden you got one or two inches and you can actually see the water rising as you’re sitting there. My advice to people is get off the road as quickly as you can.”... Read More

LIVE: Procession honoring NHP Sgt. Ben Jenkins begins in Elko, Sisolak orders flags to half-staff


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered the U.S. and State of Nevada flags to be flown at half-staff at the State Capitol and state public buildings and grounds from sunrise until sunset on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 in remembrance of Nevada Highway Patrol Sergeant Ben Jenkins, whose funeral is being held Wednesday in Elko. 

“The First Lady and I are just as heartbroken today as when we first got word of the loss of Sergeant Jenkins. So, on this day, let us again pay tribute to the memory of a great man who dedicated his life to service. A husband, father, grandfather, and veteran who passed doing what he had always done, protecting others. Although the grief felt throughout the State and especially in the Elko community has been immense, we know that his memory will live on in those that he meant so much to.” ... Read More

US sets single-day record for new coronavirus cases with over 60,000

The United States saw over 60,000 new coronavirus cases Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University, making it another record-breaking day.

“There’s nothing to stop this train, there’s nothing to stop this steep acceleration in the number of cases,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. “This is a public health crisis, this is a public health disaster.”

Florida was among the top five states reporting the most new infections Tuesday.

“We have no doubt seen a major increase in cases,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told Fox News. “The median age of our new cases was in the 50s about a month and a half ago. Now that’s dropped into the 30s. People who are healthy and under 40, the death rate of this thing is very close to zero.”... Read More

LIVE: Lawmakers tackle state budget crisis in special session Wednesday


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada lawmakers are in Carson City to start a special session that will tackle closing a billion dollar budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawmakers are challenged with trying to fix the state’s $1.2 billion dollar budget shortfall which is a result of the closure of gaming properties and other non-essential businesses for nearly three months due to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The state has no choice but to make severe cuts to services and programs, in order to balance the budget. Health and human services, K-12 education and higher education are all likely to be impacted.

Governor Steve Sisolak recently released a list of his budget proposals.

To watch the Assembly Chamber, click here.... Read More

I-Team: Prosecutors say Metro detective broke the law for a love affair

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The I-Team has obtained phone calls, photos and video from a case against a Metro detective and a police union leader.

Prosecutors say Larry Rinetti put his career, family and reputation on the line for an affair with Gabriella DiLorenzo, a self-admitted IV heroin user, prostitute and ex-felon. According to police, she has connections to the white supremacist prison gang the Aryan Warriors.

A love letter was presented in court, reading in part, “It’s been amazing getting to know and fall in love with you. L.R.” L.R. are Rinetti’s initials.

The phone calls we acquired were those DiLorenzo made to Rinetti while she was in jail. The following is how the detective, a married man with kids, said goodbye:

Larry Rinetti: “I …. umm … well, you know what. You know.”

Gabby DiLorenzo: “Yeah.” ... Read More

Destination Nevada: Exploring the history of Las Vegas’ organized crime during a tour of The Mob Museum

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In a city known for world-class entertainment, there’s a unique spot where lovers of Mob stories and the era can walk through the history and the crime.

“The Mob played a big role in the birth of Las Vegas, said Felicia Lindquist, the Mob Museum.

At the Mob Museum, which is just north of the Strip in downtown Las Vegas, the sound of jazz, old slot machines, vintage suits, and guns give a glimpse into the Mob era and its influence in Las Vegas.

“Many families that were big in their cities at home; Kansas City, New York, Detriot, Chicago — came to Las Vegas to participate and make money, so Las Vegas was referred to as an open city,” Lindquist said.

The museum spans four floors inside the former Post Office and Federal Courthouse downtown. The Kefauver committee met in the courtroom in 1950... Read More

Clark County Commissioners support recommendation to cancel Enterprise Land Use Plan Update

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —  Clark County Commissioners supported a recommendation of county staff Tuesday to cancel the Enterprise Land Use Plan Update. Commissioners say they came to a decision after meeting with residents from the Enterprise neighborhood and hearing their concerns about continuing the Enterprise Land Use Plan Update.

Land use plan updates, which guide property zoning designations and possible zoning changes in an area, generally involve significant public outreach, presentations, and meetings packed with residents interested in having a say in what type of development will be allowed in their neighborhood. 

However, in compliance with state and federal guidelines intended to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Clark County has limited large gatherings, making it difficult to conduct the typical in person meetings that accompany a land-use plan update... Read More