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Lyft partners with ADT security to keep Las Vegas riders safe |

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Lyft partners with ADT security to keep Las Vegas riders safe

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local ride share users shared their thoughts with 8 News Now after Lyft announced its latest safety partnership with ADT Security Wednesday. 

Travel app executives said they want to always help Lyft riders in case of an emergency, so they’re trying the first of many security tools available. 

“I think it is necessary, they need it,” ride share user Leo Lopez said. “It’s a good thing, anything that has safety to do with it. That’s a good thing.”

Lyft now has a “safety tools” tab available during any local ride. If a rider finds himself in an unsafe situation, ADT gives the option to call 911 or silently text emergency services. 

The app also tracks an exact location and sends current car details, so police can find a person in need faster. 

“You never know,” ride share user Penelope said. “You can have your phone and press it.”

“I think it’s wonderful nowadays,” ride share user Aaron added. “With everything going on in the world.”

Lyft executives told 8 News Now they’re starting with this feature, then will work with ADT to find other ways to help those in need. 

Therefore, anyone in the backseat of a car can have peace of mind, no matter who’s behind the wheel. 

“If you ever feel like your life is threatened,” Penelope added. “You can just push it and emergency services will be on the way.”

Lyft said this feature is only available for riders so far, but the company plans to roll out similar safety options for drivers. 

Uber also released a similar safety feature a few months ago.