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Uber, Lyft see significant growth in past year |

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Uber, Lyft see significant growth in past year

For the millions of tourists hitting the Las Vegas Strip every year, Uber and Lyft have become one of the main ways for visitors to get to and from the airport to their destination.

Plenty of locals also use the popular apps and on Tuesday the county commissioners talked about the companies growth in our area and around McCarran International Airport.

Uber and Lyft have been operating at the airport since late last year and both companies are growing exponentially.
Just last month more than 230,000 people were picked up or dropped off at the airport by Lyft or Uber, compared to 72,000 in December of last year.

The Clark County commissioners met for an update on licenses and fees. Both Uber and Lyft are paying the maximum fee per year which is $75,000 annually for a license for more than 7,000 drivers.

Currently both companies have less than half as many drivers on their payrolls, but that is changing rapidly. It's a level of growth that even surprised the panel.

The Department of Aviation has brought in more than $3 million in revenue so far from Uber and Lyft. The Clark County director of business licenses said they're trying to make it easier to handle the volume of new drivers applying for a business license in the county. Beginning in October they're adding a driver's component to the online application form where applicants will be able to apply and pay for their license online.

If you've tried taxis and Uber or Lyft you may have noticed a different fee for your airport shuttle service. Taxis are charged a $2 pick up fee that is passed on to the consumer while Uber and Lyft are required to pay a $2.45 pick up -or- drop off fee.

Another company mentioned in the meeting was Get Met LLC. It was described as a delivery service geared towards senior citizens with about 23 drivers.