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Report: VA officer unknowingly apprehends McCarran garage shooting suspect |

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Report: VA officer unknowingly apprehends McCarran garage shooting suspect

According to an arrest report, a VA Officer unknowingly apprehended a man accused of shooting two people inside a garage at McCarran International Airport.

The report said Jeffrey Brown came to the airport Monday three different times before pulling the trigger around 5:57 p.m. According to the arrest report, the 68-year-old took aim at his victims from the 6th floor of the long-term parking garage at McCarran.

The son of the male victim called the police, saying that his dad and his dad's girlfriend had been shot by Brown. The girlfriend, who the report refers to as Fara is the ex-wife of Brown.

Officers said when they arrived at the scene, they interviewed the son and he told them that Fara, got into an argument with Brown on Sept. 14. The son said she was on vacation with him and his dad when he overheard a conversation Fara had with Brown in which she yelled at him for breaking into her home in Henderson.

When the couple returned to Las Vegas with the man's son on Sept. 19, he said Brown approached them in the parking garage as they were loading Fara's car with the luggage. The man's son said Brown pulled up in a car behind Fara's car, and that's when his father asked Brown if he had something to say to him, the report said.

The witness said as he was about to enter the rear passenger side of Fara's car, he heard two to three shots ring out. The report said the victim's son said when he looked out of the window he saw Brown holding a gun with his arm extended out of the window of his car.
The witness said he saw Fara fall to the ground.

The witness said Brown then got out of his vehicle and pointed the gun at him as well, but instead he turned and fled in his 2007 gray Ford Escape down the exit ramp. The witness said he thought Brown was going to shoot him, but he didn't.

The witness then called 911. The report said, when they interviewed Fara at the hospital, she told them her estranged husband contacted her while she was on vacation telling her that he had OnStar open her car, and he noticed that her gun was missing.

He also questioned her about a set of keys he found in her car. The report said, Fara told detectives she knew after the conversation that Brown would show up at the airport, and she thought about telling airport security, but she decided not to alert them.

Fara said when they saw Brown in the parking lot, he asked her if the man she was with was the one he had replaced him with, and that's when the men exchanged words. The report said Fara said as she turned her back towards Brown to finish putting her bags in the vehicle she heard two to three shots.

The report said both victims were shot in the back. Fara was shot in the lower back area.

Both victims were taken to Sunrise Hospital. There's no word on their condition.

When police arrived at the home of Brown's son, he told officers that his father had an appointment at the VA Hospital in North Las Vegas. While at the home, Metro Police recovered all of Brown's guns, and that's when the son informed them that his dad also had a revolver, but it was missing.

Once officers arrived at the VA Hospital, they found Brown's car and the revolver. A short time later, a VA police officer wheeled Brown out to police officers, but she had no clue who Brown was or what he had allegedly done.

The VA officer, Amy Williams, told police she found Brown by the pharmacy, and he appeared to be confused. The report said when she tried to assist him he told her, "I'm the man you're looking for."
The report said, Williams didn't know what Brown was talking about, so she continued to assist him until she wheeled him out to officers.

When officers asked Brown why he shot his estranged wife and her boyfriend, he said he shot the boyfriend because he was getting in his face, and he shot his wife because she was "hoopin and hollering" and he wanted to shut her up.

Brown was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He is charged with two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, two counts discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle, and assault with a deadly weapon.