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Albertson's celebrates grand reopening of renovated store |

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Albertson's celebrates grand reopening of renovated store

Out with the old and in with the new. Albertson's supermarket plans to re-open a new and improved version of its store at a familiar location.

On Wednesday, the store celebrated the grand reopening of its location at Eastern Avenue and Warm Springs Road.

"To see this thing be reborn is absolutely amazing," said Bob Miller, Albertson's District Manager.

Albertson's is among the many grocery store chains that have faced challenges here in southern Nevada.

In recent times Albertson's has bought out a competitor, closed a number of stores, sold off other stores, and then re-purchased them.

"They went to Haggen," Miller said. "Haggen didn't do well and left the market again. We were lucky enough then to re-acquire those stores.

Miller admits the company has had what he describes as "tumultuous" years.

Haggen is among a number of grocery store chains that have gone out of business in Las Vegas.

Food For Less no longer exists in the valley and Fresh & Easy called it quits in 2015.

"It's not just affecting the grocery industry," said Robby Leblanc, a consumer. "The whole economy is also changing."

Despite the failure of some grocers, out of state companies are breaking into the Las Vegas market pretty well.

Natural Grocers replaced two Fresh & Easy locations last summer. The company targets health-conscious customers.

"Keeping up with the change and the economy with everything closing and new things coming in their place, that's a big change," said Vickie Pieper, a consumer.

It's a significant change that hasn't gone unnoticed by the grocery store chains dominating the local market.

"We're really trying to bring modern aspects back to these stores," Miller said.

Albertson's has made a financial investment to remodel a total of 11 stores in southern Nevada.