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Creating a more secure campus: UNLV installs new phone system |

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Creating a more secure campus: UNLV installs new phone system

Since 2015, UNLV has been working to upgrade the campus' emergency phone systems.

So far, ten emergency phone systems have been installed on the campus, and campus police say they plan to install eight more.

"The new phone's are much taller, which is important to us. So, students can see them," said Ryan Doyle. "They're about 14 feet tall."

Doyle is an information technology manager specialist at UNLV Police Services.

The phones can broadcast emergency announcements and will soon live stream video to Police Services.

"We'll be able to see exactly what's taking place when that phone is activated," said Doyle.

The Terry brothers say they've seen the old emergency phones around UNLV before. They say a tech upgrade was needed.

"I feel like there should still be a little more on-campus security just to make sure the students and staff are safe," said Malik Terry, a Junior at UNLV.

The phones were installed in response to a mass shooting two years ago in Oregon. Nine people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a community college.

"It'll definitely make people who take night classes feel safe because that's when most students that I've talked to say they feel less safe," said Denzell Terry, a Senior at UNLV.

Doyle says the new phones came in about two weeks ago. Police have been working around the clock to get them up and running before the start of the school year.

"We wanted to look at areas where we had a lot of traffic coming into our campus, through our campus, and obviously exiting our campus," he said.

All of the cameras are expected to be installed by mid-fall.