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UNLV's faculty and staff get active shooter training |

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UNLV's faculty and staff get active shooter training

Faculty and staff at UNLV learned how to prepare for an active shooter situation Wednesday. The campus safety training was part of an administrative development day on campus.

The active shooter training lasted about 45 minutes, but according to campus police, the skills they learned will last a lifetime. The trainers said it's all about being aware of potential threats while being ready for the worst case scenario.

"We never know what we're going to come into," said Alaina Agnew, program coordinator for UNLV Fraternity and Sorority Life.

As a program coordinator for Greek life on campus Agnew says knowing how to defend herself is crucial.

"It's not 9 to 5, it's not Monday through Friday, I'm here late nights, I'm here weekends, so this information is vital and a back pocket," Agnew said. "Of course, we cross our fingers and hope nothing happens, but it's important as a professional to get this kind of education."

That education included how to develop a "survival mindset of, run away from the shooter, hide if you can't escape, and fight, as a last resort.

Assistant UNLV Police Chief Sandy Seda says school staff needs to know what to do if there's a threat.

"Those phones start going off, and the emergency notification hits their phones, those students are going to look at you as a professor, as a leader, what am I going to do," said Asst. Chief Sandy Seda, UNLV Police Department.

If students or faculty feel threatened, they can use the rebel-safe app to alert police. They can also use these campus phones, and because of additional funding, there are more on the way.

"We're installing emergency blue light phones that have cameras, high definition cameras, high-intensity lighting," said Asst. Chief Seda.

Having gone through the training, UNLCV staff now feel more prepared than ever.

"Taking a deep breath so you're not so reactionary, I think is really helpful," Agnew said.

UNLV Police say they hope to have 10 of those new blue light phone cameras on campus by the end of this month. They're also going to add an additional 100 CCTV cameras.