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UNLV has Fewer Students, Smaller Budget | News

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UNLV has Fewer Students, Smaller Budget

LAS VEGAS -- The new year starts with UNLV saying it has hit rock bottom because of all the budget cuts it had to make this year.

There are 900 new students moving into UNLV's Dayton, Tonopah and Upper Class residence halls as they prepare for classes next week.

"This is a mother's privilege. We think we let them go, but we don't really," said Noe Otani's mother who is helping move her daughter, a music major, into UNLV's Tonopah Hall.

"We had a couple of cuts, but we are ok. I did fortunately get all of the classes I needed," said Noe Otani.

Ali Fragoso is moving in nearby. Her father made certain to put aside more money for the 13 percent tuition increase. 

"The cuts kind of put a little deterrent in our budget but we were able to maintain it with savings," said John Fragoso, father of UNLV student.

UNLV President Neal Smatresk rallied with incoming students at welcome back barbecue Friday. He said the university will see fewer students this year.

"It's down a little, about maybe three percent. What we think we see right now is that students, in response to increased tuition, have taken less classes," Smatresk said.

Higher education was spared the deep cuts feared at the beginning of the legislative session.

"I've had faculty and staff coming to me from across campus going, 'so, when are the budget cuts going to hit?' The good news is we've done them. We're finished. We made the program modifications that we had to. We've, of course, had some buyouts, we're where we're going to be. So everyone who's here is in good shape," said Smatresk.

Several students who talked with 8 News NOW had one common complaint.

"It was a little difficult finding some of the upper level classes. For the most part, I didn't have too many problems," said senior Paul Tomco, UNLV history major.

UNLV's budget has been cut $73 million over the past few years. The most impacted programs are in social work and humanities.