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9/11 Remembrance at UNLV | News

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9/11 Remembrance at UNLV

LAS VEGAS -- Student veterans at UNLV remembered their fellow servicemen Thursday in a special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The event honored those who sacrificed their lives and those who continue to serve.

"It's always in your heart, its always with you," said United States Air Force veteran Joseph Sorge. "Anytime the national anthem is played, I tear up."

Sorge served for five years. He says his tears are an important symbol.

"They represent the hard work, dedication, sacrifices and even death that our fellow service members put forth."

SLIDESHOW: 9/11 Memorial Event at UNLV

The UNLV Student Veterans organization honored the lives lost during 9/11 by laying a wreath near a campus memorial. It is a symbol for the soldiers who are now college students. Sorge says first responders and servicemen share a forever bond.

"He would be proud, he was always a proud Marine," said Sue Wilson. Her husband Jerry served as a Marine. He's since passed but she's at the event to pay her respects to those still serving.

"It gives them hope that the people haven't forgotten because they're still sacrificing time, effort, and going away from their families," said Wilson.

There are 120 flags on display on the campus in the shape of the United States. Each flag represents 25 people who died during the attacks. Most college students were in the fifth or sixth grade when 9/11 happened.

"We just want the students to know that this is an event that's going to be shaping our lives , our careers, our professional development, our personal lives," said Ricardo Cornejo, UNLV's Student Affairs director.

A UNLV graduate working at the Pentagon was among those killed on 9/11.