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School Tries Everything to Get Students to Graduate | News

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School Tries Everything to Get Students to Graduate

LAS VEGAS -- According to Applied Analysis, more Hispanic students are graduating from Nevada's high schools. More than 60 percent of Hispanics students graduated last year, which is the highest rate in seven years.

But that's not the case at every high school. At some, many seniors aren't on track to graduate. Staff at Del Sol High School are doing whatever it takes to get seniors to graduate. Out of 407 seniors, 301 are in jeopardy of not graduating.

Parents have been invited to be a part of the campus. In fact, an event called Community Connection is starting, geared at getting parents to check out their kids school.

The landscape is also changing at Del Sol. Students and teachers are planting flowers, the shop class is painting benches and trash cans all over campus and students taking pride in their campus -- something that was lacking. This year, a new principal is on campus who was brought in to turn things around.

This is Principal Lisa Primas' first year at Del Sol, and first year ever at a high school. She was placed there for change, starting with the parents.

"We want to make sure that the parents understand the school is a place you can come," she said.

Primas is trying everything she can to get these 300 students to graduate.

"We are putting credit retrieval on campus. I am working with adult education for the children to go on weekends and go after school. I also have independent studies on campus. Anything we can do, we are doing," she said.

Part of her team includes counselor Darlene Cruz, the mastermind behind Community Connection.

"We are trying to get parent involvement in the school so they can learn the importance of education," she said.

The Community Connection is more than just a welcome back to school assembly. There are more that 20 community resources here, like the Rape Crisis Center, Planned Parenthood, Shade Tree, and organizations that students and their families can turn to if needed outside of school.