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Man Found Dead in Mushroom Grow House | News

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Man Found Dead in Mushroom Grow House

LAS VEGAS -- An early morning 911 call led Las Vegas police to a dead body in an apartment, but during the investigation they made another disturbing discovery inside -- a mushroom growing operation.

Police say they responded to 840 King Richard Avenue in the southeast valley around 1 a.m. after they received a call from the dead man's roommate. Police seized 15 large plants and two ounces of the drug ready to sell. The approximate street value of the drugs was around $400.

Neighbors say they had no clue what was happening close by them. They have kids and they are concerned of what other dangers maybe living next door.

Police believe the 45-year-old victim died of natural causes.

"I've got to find me somewhere to live. I can't live here. I mean, what's next? These kids walk out here see some drugs, they pick it up and what's going to happen?" said neighbor Gloria Wallace.

Dr. Mel Pohl at the Las Vegas Recovery Center says the mushroom operation is a surprise because it's not typically a drug of choice like marijuana. It alters perception and isn't addictive.

"It's not something that's out in the schools and the streets being sold," he said. "It takes a person out of him or herself. There's a distortion of time, there's a distortion of color, there's a distortion of form."

A person saying he is the roommate of the deceased man sent 8 News NOW a very angry e-mail saying there were not any mushrooms in the apartment, but there was six pounds of pot. He also said it wasn't a growing operation.

He did not return a request for further comment.