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Grief Center Offers Free Counseling | News

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Grief Center Offers Free Counseling

LAS VEGAS -- The holiday season can be stressful and it's worse for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

One woman is now able to celebrate the holidays after the loss of her young son and she credits a local organization for helping her begin to heal and move forward.

"Usually, he's on my mind as soon as I open my eyes," said Vanessa Jurewicz, who is slowing adjusting to life after the death of her young son, Vincent.

Immense feelings of grief are often accompanies by guilt.

"There are days when I'm OK and then at the end of the day I feel guilty that I got through the day, because I feel it's wrong to not be thinking of him," Jurewicz said.

She is getting help though through a new program called the Solace Tree. It's free to the public and offers help in the form of grief counseling. Grief counselor Natasha Meinecke says the troubled economy makes it difficult for some to afford counseling.

The counseling is done in a group setting where people are able to share their similar feelings and experiences.

"This will be the first year we're going to attempt to put up a Christmas tree and this will be our third holiday without him," Jurewicz said.

Meinecke hopes more people in Jurewicz's situation will seek out help and get the support they need, especially during the difficult holiday season.

The Solace Place is free and open to those facing bereavement.