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Swarm of Bees Sends 2 to Hospital, Closes Road | News

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Swarm of Bees Sends 2 to Hospital, Closes Road

LAS VEGAS -- Two people were transported to the hospital and Metro police closed a road Thursday afternoon because of a large bee swarm in the area.

The hive was discovered by two landscapers who were chopping down a tree and disturbed the hive. Both were stung and went to the hospital. One of them was said to be in critical condition.

"My guys got attacked," homeowner Mariam Eagles said. The bee hive was in her backyard. The County Fire Department asked residents to stay in their homes and police did close a portion of Hacienda Avenue, just west of Topaz Street while they waited for an exterminator to help remove the bees.

"The bees aren't going to go out and try to attack everybody but where they were disturbed , they're going to attack those in that area," said fire battalion Chief Richard Reid, Clark County Fire Department.

It was a neighbor named Paul who called 9-1-1 after one of the landscapers sprinted across the street and jumped into his pool to escape the bees. That landscaper is expected to recover. The other landscaper received many more stings. 

"I don't see that many of them, I really don't," said Lee Harrison with Great Escape Lawn Service. He was working at another home in the neighborhood.

Mike Holly with Preventive Pest Control says bees usually don't make nests in well-maintained yards but this year is different. He said he has had as many calls about bees in the past three months as he had all of last year.

"We had a very warm winter so a lot of the insects that are used to going docile and taking a break didn't necessarily take a break so there's a lot of activity."