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New Terminal at McCarran Airport Holds Open House | News

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New Terminal at McCarran Airport Holds Open House

LAS VEGAS -- Thousands of people got a sneak peek of the new $2.4 billion terminal at McCarran International Airport. It's the largest public works project in Nevada.

Terminal Three or T3 has 14 gates, half of which are, only for international airlines like British Airways or Korean Air. Each one of those flights brings hundreds of people into Las Vegas and T3 is equipped to handle the influx of foreign travelers.

State-of-the-art technology includes kiosks equipped for self-baggage check, self-boarding gates and touch screen monitors with airport directions.

It's especially helpful for Jacob Bushman who lives in Las Vegas and travels for a living.

"I'm in the trade show industry and because we have so many conventions, the more people we can get in is great for me," Bushman smiled.

Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins said traffic at McCarran International Airport increased 27 percent in the second half of 2011. He believes the new terminals will easily accommodate countless international tourists.

"We can get seven flights at a time in here, international flights, those big planes full of people with money," Collins exclaimed.

Collins adds T3 is the icing on the cake for a new international tourism tax that will have a direct impact on Las Vegas.

"The U.S. joined with 112 other nations finally and started having a tax on international travel that would go towards promoting tourism. Well, if we're number one in tourism we're going to get the most of those dollars," Collins said.

The current U.S. Customs and Border Protection at McCarran Internal Airport handles 800 people an hour, but T3 will accommodate 2,000 people an hour.

More travelers will mean more money for Jacob Bushman to support his family.

"I hope it brings people here, I hope it allows people to see that our city is new and that we upgrade and that we're always looking to better ourselves," Jacob Bushman said.

T3 gates officially open June 27, 2012.

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