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Survivors of deadly crime spree talk about facing terror | News

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Survivors of deadly crime spree talk about facing terror
Richard Ramos

LAS VEGAS -- New details are emerging about Tuesday morning's deadly crime spree that involved a carjacking, home invasions and ultimately murder.

Investigators have revealed the female suspect is 35-year-old Natasha Jackson. She is facing seven charges, including murder.

The male gunman, identified by the Clark County Coroner’s Office as 27-year-old Cody Winters, was shot dead by police.

The survivors of Tuesday’s crime spree, including a woman who lost her long-time husband and a man whose girlfriend is in the fight of her life, are speaking out about what happened.

“Total terror, trauma, violation, I felt raped. I had to fight for my life. My husband fought for us til the bitter end,” Julie Ramos, the wife of murder victim Richard Ramos, said in a news conference Wednesday.

The two suspects held a freeway service technician hostage when he tried to help them on the side of the highway and then they forced him to drive to a neighborhood near Tropicana Avenue and Sandhill Road, which was targeted randomly.

It is still traumatizing for the victims to talk about this ordeal because they were face to face with sheer terror.

"I never thought it'd happen to me," Ramos said.

Ramos found herself fighting for life. A violent struggle took place when her husband, Richard, answered the door.

"It is like the movies. They come in, they get you, you're running, you're hiding, you're surviving for your life. I can't tell you, it's sickening," Ramos said.

Winters, and his alleged accomplice Jackson, caused pure pandemonium, police say. Julie Ramos was stabbed. Richard Ramos was shot and later died.

"My husband was a great person. He gave to everyone," Ramos said.

The dangerous duo left the Ramos' home, trying to get into other houses to hide as police raced to the rescue.

The next home they were able to break into was occupied by John, who did not feel comfortable giving his last name, and his long-time girlfriend.

"I’m still in shock about this whole deal," John said.

He is still shaken after the suspects barged into his home on Almondwood Drive, waking up the couple.

"She says, 'no, he's got a gun, he's a got a gun.' And he comes barreling at me, and he kicks my dog, deep down. 'I want your f---ing car! I want the keys to your car right now, right now! I want the keys to your car! Now!'" John recalled Winters saying.

John gave him the keys, so he believes what happened next was heartless.

"He turned and he fired right at me. Boom!! Like that, and he missed me. He hit Terry right here on the right side. She fell in the inside entryway on the tile," John said.

His girlfriend is in critical condition. John says he can't believe he escaped evil.

"It was crazy. I could see it in his eyes. I knew, I said to myself, ‘I'm dead,’ when he had the gun to me. And I looked him straight into the eyes, I said, ‘I'm dead, that's it, I know I'm dead,’" he said.

Within minutes, police had Jackson into custody and opened fire on Winters, taking out the threat, perhaps saving John's life.

"Metro Police department did a fantastic job in helping me. Fantastic, the best they've been ever done." John said.

John's girlfriend is undergoing a third surgery because she has lost a lot of blood.

Meantime, the Ramos family is preparing for a funeral, and they say they need some help. Donations can be made to the Richard Ramos Fund at any local Chase Bank.

Cody Winters