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Woman accused in crime spree doesn't remember anything | News

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Woman accused in crime spree doesn't remember anything

LAS VEGAS -- For the first time, the suspect from last week's deadly crime spree is speaking out.

The violent morning left one innocent man dead, an innocent women shot, and the other suspect shot and killed by police.

Natasha Jackson is now accused of murder and a number of other crimes. During a jail house interview Monday, Jackson said she is sorry, but she also said she is a victim.

She said she doesn't quite remember what happened during the crime spree. She claimed her boyfriend and accomplice Cody Winters forced her to swallow pills and shot her up with methamphetamine, before the two of them terrorized people last Tuesday.

“I want people to know that I am deeply sorry for whatever has happened. I don't remember a lot. I'm going through, I'm going through it right now,” Jackson said.

Jackson says she just started coming to her senses Sunday and didn't even realize she was in jail.

However, last week, she made this court appearance and said she understood the charges against her. Now, she says she is learning more and she was just told she faces the death penalty, but the Clark County District Attorney hasn't confirmed that.

According to police, Jackson and Winters started by using a gun to kidnap a freeway services employee and forcing him to drive them to a neighborhood near Sandhill Road and Tropicana Avenue. 

Police say forced their way into a home, shooting and killing Richard Ramos. They also stabbed Ramos' wife Julie Ramos. After leaving that home, they tried to break into other homes in the area. Police took Jackson into custody, but Winters was able to break into another home where he threatened the homeowner and shot a woman inside, who is still in critical condition.

Police eventually shot and killed Winters.