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Home invasion victim recounts deadly crime spree | News

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Home invasion victim recounts deadly crime spree

LAS VEGAS -- It has been one week since Metro Police say Natasha Jackson and Cody Winters went on a deadly crime spree that involved everything from hostage taking to home invasions to murder.

“I want people to know that I am deeply sorry for whatever has happened. I don't remember a lot. I'm going through, I'm going through it right now. I really just came to yesterday and I didn't even realize that I was in jail,” Jackson said during an exclusive interview with 8 News NOW from the Clark County Detention Center.

On Tuesday, the man whose house was the last stop in this massive crime scene took 8 News NOW through his home, showing first-hand, step by step, how the suspects turned his and his longtime girlfriend’s world upside down.

The suspects had just shot and killed a man, and then they came to the backyard of a house on Almondwood Drive.

Investigators say Cody Winters kicked in a window, barged in, and for one family, caused horror at home.

Outside the home on Almondwood Drive, you will find signs of a shootout. Inside, bloody socks, lots of shattered glass and crime scene markers are all painful reminders for the man whose girlfriend is in the fight of her life.

"This was the most terrifying, most horrifying thing that I've ever, ever been through in my life," home invasion victim John said as he took 8 News NOW through is home.

John only wanted to use his first name. He did reveal new details about last week's scary chain of events when Winters and Jackson invaded his home.

Winters fired a round at John, but hit his John's girlfriend, Terri. Winters used Terri as a last-ditch effort to get away, as he barked orders at police in the home's entryway, with a gun pointed at her.

"[He] said, ‘I have a hostage! I have a hostage! I have the gun and I want to get to that car right there,’" John recalled.

Amid the panic, John says accomplice Jackson stood by Winters until the very end.

"She was screaming out, 'Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all!' She had no remorse. She didn't care!" John said.

As Terri collapsed, Metro had the split-second opportunity to kill Winters, which they did. Jackson was taken into custody by officers and is now jailed.

John says he thinks Jackson deserves nothing less than the death penalty. As for Terri, John says she is still in extremely critical condition.

"She is a tough girl and she is a heck of a fighter so I'm just praying everyday that she gets through this," John said.

John declined to release Terri's picture out of respect for her privacy, but he told 8 News NOW, she is a mother and grandmother and would never hurt anyone.

There is an account set up to help cover expenses for John and Terri. It is at Wells Fargo Bank and it is called the John and Terri Contribution Account.