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Bail set for teen accused of striking officer with vehicle

Bail has been set for the young man accused of hitting and dragging a Metro Police officer with his car.

A judge set bail at $120,000 on Tuesday for a teenager charged with attempted murder in a hit-and-run crash that injured a Las Vegas police officer.

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Students upset at multi-cultural center's closure

LAS VEGAS -- A multi-cultural center in east Las Vegas is a place many turn for English lessons and to learn how to read, but now it's closing its doors because it didn't survive a budget cut.

The Community Multi-Cultural Center teaches classes for adults to ultimately help them enter the workforce or get better jobs. The center relies on grant money for funding.

The director said he thought the application process for those dollars was business as usual until he received a letter showing the school was cut off.

Shirley Hurt and Art Carillo spent months together at the center as Hurt taught Carillo to read.

“It was challenging since going to school. It was hard. People think you're dumb. It is a struggle,” Carillo said.

The 36-year-old man said he still had more work to do here at the community center, but it is now shut down.

“It was a shocker, because I wanted to keep coming,” Carillo said.

Zipcar expands to UNLV campus

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LAS VEGAS — Popular car-sharing service Zipcar announced they have launched a new partnership with UNLV, adding two cars on campus.

"These new vehicles at UNLV come in addition to six Zipcars available at the McCarran International Airport, including a BMW 328i, a Mazda 3 Hatchback and a Toyota Prius," said Zipcar.

In addition, UNLV students, faculty, and staff are being offered special rates: $25 to join, with rates as low as $7.50/hour and $69/day. A special section has been set-up on Zipcar's website specifically for campus.

Zipcar offers a wide variety of cars available for rental by the hour or day in urban areas across the country. To learn more about Zipcar, visit their website.

Woman charged with making bomb threat at McCarran Airport

LAS VEGAS -- A woman is facing charges of making a bomb threat against a plane heading from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon.

According to Metro Police, 48-year-old Tamara Reid was arrested Friday at McCarran International Airport after an Alaska Airlines representative accused her of making a bomb threat. The representative said Reid was upset about not being allowed on the plane because she was intoxicated and late for boarding.

The representative told police that Reid said, “How do you know if I don't have a bomb in my bag?” while she was complaining about not being allowed on the flight.

The plane was searched and nothing was found. Reid told police she was ranting at the agent because she wasn't allowed on the plane and did not even have any checked luggage on the plane. Reid denied making a threat.


Board seeks to delay UNLV stadium project

LAS VEGAS -- The board looking at the proposed UNLV stadium has agreed to ask to delay the project by two years.

The Campus Improvement Authority Board made the decision during Thursday's meeting. Acting university president Don Snyder made the suggestion to delay the project and bring it before the 2017 state Legislature. The board agreed. The timeline extension must now be approved the state legislators.

Snyder said the timing was not right for the project. Under the original timeline, the board was to have a finished proposal for lawmakers by Sept. 30.

The UNLV stadium is one of several similar projects in the works around the Las Vegas valley, including one downtown and one on the Strip. MGM Resorts International has already started work on an arena between New York-New York and the Monte Carlo. 

The plan calls for it to be a state-of-the-art facility with a domed roof on the UNLV campus with seating for 45,000 fans.

UNLV's hotel college to undergo $57M makeover

LAS VEGAS -- UNLV's hotel college is set to undergo a huge, $57 million makeover.  The new building in the north field will have a coffee shop, along with brand-new iPad ready classrooms.

The project is expected to be a costly one, but university leaders said it's a necessary expense. 

“The hotel college is an internationally recognized program and yet the facilities are outdated,” Don Snyder, UNLV's president said.

When asked why this project is now the top priority in regards to the university's capital projects, the hotel college dean, Stow Shoemaker said, without the new building, UNLV wouldn't be able to accommodate more hotel students, or compete globally.

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Federal agents uncover drug smuggling ring at McCarran

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LAS VEGAS -- Federal agents have broken up a drug smuggling ring operating through McCarran International Airport.

An indictment obtained by the I-Team shows three men, Darren Cole, 47, Dewane Blue, 37, and Bryan Bledsoe, 36, were involved.

According to the indictment, Blue gave the drugs to Bledsoe who was a US Airways employee and worked at McCarran. As an employee, Bledsoe would bypass security then pass the drugs off to other travelers, who took them to Alaska and other states. 

In the most recent incident, the indictment alleges the men transferred the drugs from one another in a men's room, one of the few places in the airport where there are not surveillance cameras, and put it inside a carry-on bag.

It's unclear how many drug runs were made, but suspected money was seized on at least four occasions, according to court documents.