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Bicyclist hit by suspected drunk driver

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Las Vegas police say a pedestrian was badly hurt when he was hit by a vehicle driven by a 39-year-old Las Vegas man who was arrested on a drunken driving charge.

Police say 64-year-old Donald Tarr wasn't in a crosswalk when he was hit by a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro a little before 5:45 p.m. Sunday while walking a bicycle across Flamingo Road near Paradise Road.

Tarr was hospitalized at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.

The driver, Leonard Yadao, failed field sobriety tests and was taken to the Clark County jail.

Records show that Yadao is being held on a felony DUI charge pending an initial court appearance. It's not immediately clear if he has a lawyer.

Police say two passengers in the Camaro were questioned, but weren't arrested.

Woman indicted in deadly crime spree

LAS VEGAS -- A Clark County grand jury has indicted a woman in connection with a deadly crime spree in a neighborhood near Tropicana Avenue and Sandhill Road.

Natasha Jackson was indicted on several charges, including murder with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, first-degree kidnapping, robbery and burglary with a firearm for the series of crimes that happened the morning of July 29.

According to prosecutors, Jackson and her accomplice, Cody Winters, started their crime spree by kidnapping an employee of Emergency Services for Nevada Department of Transportation and making him drive them to a neighborhood.

Driving You Crazy: Turn signal at Boulder and Missouri

LAS VEGAS - A viewer says a traffic light at Boulder Highway and Missouri Avenue is creating unsafe conditions.

The viewer says drivers receive a solid, green light when turning left from Missouri to southbound Boulder Highway, which means drivers must yield to oncoming traffic. However, the oncoming traffic has a red light.

If oncoming traffic has a red light, the driver asks why drivers heading the other way don’t receive a green arrow, allowing safe turns.

Several schools are located near the intersection, and the viewer expressed concern about heavy vehicle and foot traffic when school resumes in a few weeks.

County officials say the permissive, solid green light is for traffic to yield, but it's not for yielding to oncoming traffic. It's for pedestrians who use the crosswalk. The county says the south side pedestrian crossing was designed to match the eastbound and westbound movements and has operated this way for more than 25 years.

Home invasion victim recounts deadly crime spree

LAS VEGAS -- It has been one week since Metro Police say Natasha Jackson and Cody Winters went on a deadly crime spree that involved everything from hostage taking to home invasions to murder.

“I want people to know that I am deeply sorry for whatever has happened. I don't remember a lot. I'm going through, I'm going through it right now. I really just came to yesterday and I didn't even realize that I was in jail,” Jackson said during an exclusive interview with 8 News NOW from the Clark County Detention Center.

On Tuesday, the man whose house was the last stop in this massive crime scene took 8 News NOW through his home, showing first-hand, step by step, how the suspects turned his and his longtime girlfriend’s world upside down.

The suspects had just shot and killed a man, and then they came to the backyard of a house on Almondwood Drive.

Investigators say Cody Winters kicked in a window, barged in, and for one family, caused horror at home.

Angry bees attack, 3 sent to hospital

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Clark County firefighters say multiple people were stung and three people were taken to the hospital after two men apparently provoked a large hive of bees.

Authorities say they got reports at about 5:30 p.m. Monday that a swarm of bees was on attack and several people were being stung. Dispatchers sent 32 firefighters and five ambulances to the scene.

Rescuers wearing bee hoods and full protective gear used fire hoses and firefighting foam to remove the hive and clear the insects from the area, which was located near East Tropicana Avenue and Topaz Street.

Medical personnel examined nine people and sent three to the hospital. Officials say many more people were stung but didn't seek medical attention.

Police detained two men who they say threw objects at the hive.

Woman accused in crime spree doesn't remember anything

LAS VEGAS -- For the first time, the suspect from last week's deadly crime spree is speaking out.

The violent morning left one innocent man dead, an innocent women shot, and the other suspect shot and killed by police.

Natasha Jackson is now accused of murder and a number of other crimes. During a jail house interview Monday, Jackson said she is sorry, but she also said she is a victim.

She said she doesn't quite remember what happened during the crime spree. She claimed her boyfriend and accomplice Cody Winters forced her to swallow pills and shot her up with methamphetamine, before the two of them terrorized people last Tuesday.

“I want people to know that I am deeply sorry for whatever has happened. I don't remember a lot. I'm going through, I'm going through it right now,” Jackson said.

I-Team: Man claims he was drugged, robbed at strip club

LAS VEGAS -- A man who says he was drugged -- then robbed -- at a local strip club is speaking exclusively to the 8 News NOW I-Team.

Las Vegas police raided the club in June. Detectives were looking for evidence that dancers spiked customers' drinks and then added bogus charges to their credit cards.

There's at least one man in Las Vegas who wants Club Paradise to remain closed. The alleged victim says he's missing five hours of his life and $40,000 of his money. What happened to him may have prompted the police investigation which now lists at least six other alleged victims.

"I feel like this organization must be run by gangsters for that to happen to me," said Jeff Yeagley, the alleged victim.

Yeagley is a local broadcast television engineer. He still has trouble believing what happened to him at Club Paradise.