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Bail set at $400K for Natasha Jackson

Natasha Jackson

LAS VEGAS -- Natasha Jackson, the woman police identified as an accomplice in a crime spree that left two people dead and two hurt, is being held on a $400,000 bail.

Jackson, 35, made her initial appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court Thursday morning. She is charged with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, home invasion and robbery.

Police say Jackson and Cody Winters, who was shot and killed by police, committed a car jacking, shot two people and stabbed a woman in a southeast Las Vegas neighborhood Tuesday. Police say the victims were chosen at random. Jackson had told police in her arrest report, that the two were trying to steal a car and that's what led to the first home invasion and shooting that left Richard Ramos dead. His wife, who survived the attack, was stabbed.

Efforts to stop luggage thieves paying off

LAS VEGAS -- Luggage theft is a problem at airports around the country and McCarran International Airport was reportedly one of the worst in the world, until police stepped in and got a handle on the problem.

McCarran International Airport is a very busy place. About 60,000 people arrive here from all over the world every day. Many check their bags because of strict airline rules.

It is a well-oiled machine. The constant flow of bags and passengers never ends. The majority of the time, checked bags are reunited with passengers at baggage claim.

But some times the bags don't make it and it is not always the airline that loses bags.

"People come in, it is an opportunity. They consider it easy pickings, and they take the bag and they pawn the goods. They sell the bags on Craigslist and make a hundred bucks," Metro Police Lt. Dennis Domansky said.

Police say the thieves have targeted high-end designer bags, but they really don't discriminate.

Survivors of deadly crime spree talk about facing terror

Richard Ramos

LAS VEGAS -- New details are emerging about Tuesday morning's deadly crime spree that involved a carjacking, home invasions and ultimately murder.

Investigators have revealed the female suspect is 35-year-old Natasha Jackson. She is facing seven charges, including murder.

The male gunman, identified by the Clark County Coroner’s Office as 27-year-old Cody Winters, was shot dead by police.

The survivors of Tuesday’s crime spree, including a woman who lost her long-time husband and a man whose girlfriend is in the fight of her life, are speaking out about what happened.

“Total terror, trauma, violation, I felt raped. I had to fight for my life. My husband fought for us til the bitter end,” Julie Ramos, the wife of murder victim Richard Ramos, said in a news conference Wednesday.

Arrest report details crime spree that left 2 dead, 2 hurt

LAS VEGAS -- The female suspect in Tuesday's crime spree that involved two home invasions and three people being shot told police that she and the male suspect, identified by the Clark County Coroner's Office as 27-year-old Cody Winters, intended to steal a car.

Natasha Jackson, 35, is facing numerous charges including murder with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, burglary, attempted home invasion, kidnapping and robbery.

Two dead, 2 critically hurt in double home invasion

LAS VEGAS-- Metro Police released new details about two home invasions that lead to two shootings that left two men dead and two woman critically hurt Tuesday morning.

According to police, a freeway service provider saw a man and a woman trying to get into a Nissan Altima, which was on the side of the road at U.S. 95 and Tropicana Avenue at around 6:30 a.m.

The service provider stopped to help them, because he thought their car had broken down. Instead, a man with a gun confronted him and demanded he take them to the 3900 block of Autumn Street, which is near Tropicana Avenue and Sandhill Road. The service provider did.

When they got to the address, the suspects got out of the service provider’s van and took his cell phone. At this point, the service provider was able to leave the area.

Driving You Crazy: Emergency light at Pecos and Hacienda

LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks why the emergency light at Pecos Road and Hacienda Avenue doesn’t turn red when a fire truck is leaving nearby Fire Station 25.

The Clark County Fire Department says the light is not malfunctioning. Fire officials say the emergency signal must be turned on by one of the station’s firefighters when they leave for a call.

A station engineer says once the signal is triggered, the crew has approximately one minute to leave the station before the signal automatically turns off.

Although turning on the signal is a high priority for the stations, sometimes, crews forget to hit the signal as they rush out the door to help those in need.

Clark County Fire officials say they informed the station captain of the lapse to ensure firefighters trigger the light when they respond to an emergency.

Program can shorten long lines at McCarran checkpoints

LAS VEGAS -- A growing program is helping travelers say goodbye to those stressful, long lines at the airport security checkpoint.

More than 4,700 people have been approved for TSA pre-check at McCarran International Airport making it one of the top airports in the country for the special screening program.

Matthew Dixon is flying through security instead of the usual, time-consuming routine.

"Taking off my shoes, taking off my belt,” Dixon said. "I travel quite a bit for my job, and so this usually cuts off a good 15 to 20 minutes when you're going through security anywhere you go. It's very convenient."

McCarran now has its own TSA pre-check enrollment center.

"TSA Pre-check is expedited screening through dedicated lanes at the security checkpoint,” TSA Spokesperson Lorie Dankers said. "It's very quick, and it's very convenient, and passengers love it."