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Filmmaker Documenting Drug War Makes Impact at UNLV | Education & Schools

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Filmmaker Documenting Drug War Makes Impact at UNLV
Filmmaker Documenting Drug War Makes Impact at UNLV


A documentary filmmaker talked to a group of students at UNLV Thursday about his effort to bring attention to the drug war in Mexico.

Charles Minn talked to students about his new film “Murder Capital of the World” that opens Friday at Regal Village Square. Minn says it is a complicated situation in Mexico, something that a lot of experts do not fully grasp. He says that is why it is important to explain what he can about the situation to the younger generation.

“So, it really begs three questions. Who is being killed? Why? Who is doing the killing? So, I can only imagine what a college student is thinking when people a lot older then them do not really know what's up,” Minn said.

One UNLV student at the lecture says Minn’s work opened his eyes to what is going on just across the border to people his age.

“I mean these people are not the ones in the cartels. They are citizens having a birthday party or grad party. They have 20 people ride up in cars and shoot up that area. I mean it is college students. It is high school students. People that want to be doctors and lawyers. They are doing nothing to these people and they are being shot,” student Matt Terry said.

Minn is scheduled to speak to students at Rancho High School Friday.