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New Signs Remind Drivers to Watch for Motorcycles | Transportation

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New Signs Remind Drivers to Watch for Motorcycles
New Signs Remind Drivers to Watch for Motorcycles

An alarming number of car accidents happen at intersections around Las Vegas. Metro Police say, so far this year, 66 crashes have occurred at intersections.

Allstate Insurance says 58 percent of accidents involving motorcycles happen at intersections; that is why it launched a new campaign Wednesday. It installed signs designed to catch a driver’s eye, reminding them to watch out for motorcyclists. Since March, the intersection of Tropicana Avenue and Eastern Avenue has been the scene of 17 accidents involving injuries. It is the worst intersection in the valley for injury accidents.  

"People don't look. They are looking at the people on the side of the road or people walking through the intersection. I notice a lot of times too, the intersections around here, people don't wait for the lights. They just go!" motorcycle technician Jason Rollier said.

Two years ago, a driver hit Rollier while he was riding his motorcycle. The crash permanently injured his neck, hip and knee. Now, he works at Team Motorcycle where he repairs five to 10 motorcycles a month that have been involved in accidents. The shop offers a free advanced riding class in an effort to cut down on the accident numbers.

Law enforcement says motorcyclists can easily slip into a driver’s blind spot. 

"Really drivers have to kind of be looking for them to make sure there is not a motorcyclist in that next lane over," said Chrissie Coon with North Las Vegas Police.

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