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Photo Gallery | Firefighters Train on How to Save Each Other

County fire personnel are being trained Monday on how to rescue fellow firefighters from burning buildings.

The two-hour Rapid Intervention Training (RIT) sessions featured three four-firefighter units training, and a four-person engine company serving as proctors and safety personnel. A battalion chief ran the drill, which took place at a county-owned house in the 800 block of De Met Street, located south of Hacienda and Swenson.

In these drills, RIT teams, using a cutting and forcible entry operation, enter the house after a firefighter calls for a mayday, indicating that he is in trouble and in need of rescue. The RIT team is tasked with locating, "packaging" and removing the injured firefighter. The inside of the house is filled with theatrical smoke.

RIT drills are conducted every other year and smaller-scale training occurs more frequently.